S. David White P.C.
Practice Areas

Real Estate, Condominium Conversions and Title Services

S. David White, P.C. is a firm specializing in real estate conveyancing, condominium conversions and title and mortgage closing services. We represent buyers, sellers, and lenders in real estate and mortgage transactions. We work closely with our clients, being responsive to changing circumstances and to difficult time requirements, to ensure that the needs of both our clients and their customers are met. As a result of our expertise and efficiencies, we are able to provide these services under a competitive fee structure. We hope this information is helpful in evaluating our qualifications to represent you in your next real estate or mortgage loan transaction.

Estate Planning

S. David White, P.C. assists clients with basic estate planning. These are a set of drafting tools to prepare for future health care decisions, appoint guardians of children, control where hard-earned assets go upon their death, preserve assets for children, “avoid probate”, and minimize estate tax liability.

A basic will package consists of a Last Will and Testament (with Memorandums), Durable Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Proxy.

A basic living trust package consists of a Revocable Living Trust which takes effect immediately upon funding and execution, a Pour Over Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and if applicable, a Realty Trust, Deed and Trustee’s Certificate to be recorded in the appropriate Registry of Deeds.

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Estate and Probate Administration

It is always a difficult time when a loved one has passed away. Unfortunately, whether a Will exists or not, this time is not only one of grief but of legal process. Even if an estate is very small, the administration of the estate cannot be ignored because debts need to be paid and assets distributed.

Our office can assist you in such matters as presentation and allowance of the will, appointment of a fiduciary, publishing of court citation, filing of fiduciary’s bond and surety, notification to all applicable administrations, notice to all interested parties, determination of solvency of estate, filing of final account, and payments of pecuniary legacies and other disbursements.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please email Attorney David White at david@whiterealestatelaw.com